Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Freedom from emotional, psychological and physical pain, after just one session.
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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an exceptionally fast, unique and distinctive therapy which is a hybrid of the best elements of Hypnotherapy, CBT, Psychotherapy and NLP. It offers quick and long-lasting freedom from physical, emotional and psychological pain.


Marisa Peer

This model has been developed by Marisa Peer over her 30+ years of working with clients covering a wide variety of issues.

Marisa is a world-renowned speaker, behavioural expert, counsellor and therapist.

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Immediate Results

Rapid Transformational Therapy aims for an immediate result in just one 90-minute session. Although some issues may require a few more, it removes the need for endless therapy sessions that numerous clients have reported finding themselves in for months or even years.

Rapid Transformational Therapy involves working with the subconscious mind to get directly to the root cause of the issue and enables you to understand how this root cause, from your past, directly affects your present.


New Habits

The process removes old meanings and interpretations before re-programming new thought patterns to empower you to achieve the future you want.

RTT is suitable and highly effective for children.


RTT is highly effective for most issues and challenges, so contact Jenine if your challenge is not listed below to see how she can help…

Freedom From Addiction

Smoking – Drugs – Gambling – Alcohol

An addiction is classed as anything that moves you away from a bad feeling to a good feeling. Your mind is programmed to continue to seek the things you enjoy and triggers you to seek those pleasures again.

Addictions are habits of action run by a habit of thought. By changing these thought processes in a session, it removes the habit itself.

Many people keep an addiction to themselves without sharing with anyone – not even their loved ones – for many reasons. Many struggle to share even to get the help they truly desire. If this is you, be assured that as a therapist, Jenine’s passion is to help. All consultations and sessions are offered in complete safety, in the strictest of confidence, and with absolutely no judgement.

Achieve and Maintain your Desired Weight

Weight Control – Weight Management – Hypnotherapy Gastric Band

Tried every diet available, maybe even surgery?

Feelings and emotions are often the reason behind why people over eat, under eat or binge. Many can resist for a little while, but ultimately emotion overpowers the logic and old eating patterns usually return – unless these emotions are dealt with.

A session will enable you to understand the root cause of this emotion, heal this and then reprogram your mind to make selective and healthier choices going forward.

Break Free from Anxiety and Depression

These can both extremely restrict and limit a person’s life and affect the lives of their loved ones too.

Are either or both taking over your life? Want to be free from medication? Want to live the life you dream of?

Together, you will identify the root causes, enable healing and then give your mind direct commands to restore a more balanced and healthy brain chemistry.

Other areas covered: confidence, self esteem, phobias, infertility, traumas and physical ailments.


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Are any of these affecting and limiting your life?

Imagine healing from this struggle in as little as one session…

How would you feel… what would you do…?

Do you want to be FREE to live the life you desire?

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  • All sessions include a recording to take away and a follow-up phone call from Jenine 21 days later.
  • All sessions to be paid for in advance.
  • Sessions are available face-to-face or via Skype or Zoom.
  • Contac Jenine to discuss group session requirements.