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Freedom from emotional, psychological and physical pain, after just one session.
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1-to-1 Coaching – Align with Your Genius and Claim the Life You Love

Jenine is a creative development and genius alignment coach. She specializes in enabling individuals to tap into their creative ability and align with their inner genius. Her coaching approach involves supporting clients in becoming aware of their unique talents, strengths, and creative abilities to achieve what they really love.

This is a 12 month commitment in yourself and includes two 1-to-1 sessions each month.

Coaching Programmes

The Coaching programmes below last between 8–12 weeks. Each person receives three to four 1-to-1 sessions throughout the programme. The first consists of a discussion and analysis of where you are right now and where you want to be. The further individual sessions are tailored to enable you to achieve your most desired outcome. They may involve an RTT session, a hypnosis recording, a healing session and/or a meditation.

Weight Loss SOS


For Freedom


Feel Body Fabulous!

Have you tried every diet out there and never been able to stick to it? Are you fed up about your weight? Do you often feel bloated? Do you binge or comfort eat?

Imagine looking in the mirror and loving your body. Imagine eating only when you’re hungry and enjoying each meal. Imagine going out wearing the clothes you want to wear, feeling amazing!

If imagining and visualising this brings you joy – get in touch and book this course.

Weight Loss

Motivation 888

Step Into Your Power

Passion, Purpose & Power

Have you been feeling stuck for a while? Do you dream of a better future, but can’t seem to find the get up and go to take action? This course will help you identify what is holding you back and help you create positive new habits. Jenine will help you identify your life’s purpose or how to further your current career/lifestyle. Together you will ignite the passion for your chosen path. You will be supported to take action in manageable steps and to feel confident and empowered in them.

You will finish the course feeling powerful, confident and fulfilled.

Living Your Dream


Belief, Manifesting and Creating

You may have learned about manifestation and how to create using the quantum field. Anyone who has started to practise manifestation knows that it really works! But have you had success in some areas and not others? During this course, Jenine will help you uncover the blocks to your manifesting process by accessing the subconscious mind in hypnosis. Together, you will remove these blocks and create new openings for allowing, actioning and accepting to create your dream life.


Clarity, Change and Celebration

We all start in this life knowing we are enough, we deserve love and love is available to us. Yet through perceived negative childhood events, we begin to question ourselves. We start to forget how to love ourselves unconditionally. The journey into adulthood then becomes distorted by limiting and restricting beliefs and we are held back and prevented from fully living in our potential.

In this course, you will be guided towards clarity in all areas of your life. You will understand where you are now and where you want to be in future. You will be supported to examine detrimental subconscious belief patterns and change limiting daily habits. You will learn how to connect with your heart centre and higher self in authenticity to find your individual life’s purpose. You will experience a full celebration of yourself and your life so far.

You will finish the course with new habits and practices ingrained and feel empowered, happy, worthwhile, motivated and excited for your future.