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Jenine Hirst

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Jenine Hirst is a Transformational Therapist, Creative Coach and Intuitive Healer.

She is really passionate about helping others step into their power, achieve their hearts desires, love themselves and live a life they absolutely love.

‘I have always been passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and goals, love and accept themselves and ultimately live a happier life. I absolutely love my work and the results each client achieves.’

Shortly after leaving college, she studied counselling and began counselling women who had survived rape and sexual abuse. Jenine soon followed this with studying Psychology, Law, NLP, Pranic Healing and Rapid Transformational Therapy. 

Over Jenine’s 20+ years of practice, she has worked with many clients with different needs including mental health challenges, physical challenges, anxiety, learning disabilities, autism, survivors of rape and sexual abuse, individuals suffering from anger, jealousy, lack of confidence, low motivation, phobias and ailments.

Jenine focuses on working with clients to achieve complete transformation, unconditional love for themselves as well as providing support to accelerate their manifestation process for abundance, wealth, health and more.

In Her Own Words…

‘I became aware of how different I was from a young age. Though I didn’t understand how, I was always trying to fit in but never quite managed it. With a sensitivity to energy I connected to people’s feelings and knew how they felt whether they wanted me to or not, this made people feel uncomfortable; it wasn’t accepted and it wasn’t normal.

I suffered various challenges throughout my childhood, but soon came to understand the inner strength I possess. I believe this strength was evident to others because, from an early age, I was always the one that friends and family turned to for help and guidance. I enable people to heal their pain and move beyond their challenges.

However whilst I was helping other people, I faced some major life challenges and I hit rock bottom at age 30. This is where my real journey began. I relearned how to love myself unconditionally again. 

During this enlightening journey, I started to understand that part of my life’s purpose and passion is to help others remember how to love themselves and transform their lives. Combining my gift, experience and studies I now support clients to transform their lives.’

Jenine Hirst

Jenine Hirst is a Transformational Therapist, Creative Coach and Intuitive Healer.