Group Container

Create a Life You Love
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This journey is going to blow your mind open to what’s possible for you and will help you step into the abundant life that is inherently yours.

Magic is the only word that can be used for what is taught here. Other names you may have heard are Law of Attraction, Alchemy, Manifesting… but it’s simply magic; you will feel like a magician! 

It is life changing and transformative! In Jenine’s opinion, it should be taught to us as small children rather than the limitations and restrictions we were taught instead!

Until we realise that Magic really exists – that we create it all – we live with a very limited belief structure, which in turn leads us to creating more limitations and not moving forward with what we love. 

In this group container (safe group space), Jenine will be starting with that very premise: ‘We create it all’

This, in itself, can be a hard thought to get your head round, as an immediate response is: why would we create the s**t that’s happened to us previously? However, you’ll soon be in agreement! The great thing is once we understand we did in fact create it all, we can get excited as to what we can create now we’re aware we are creating it all.  

Once we bring awareness to subconscious beliefs, it negates the power they hold over us. We can also then choose what to focus our thoughts on!

What is on offer is a group container with fortnightly (1.5-2 hour) sessions.

Remember – the best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself! 

Growth only happens when you step out of your comfort zone.