'Create a Life You Love' Bali Retreat 2024

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Are you ready to create a life you love? Join us now and embark on your journey to creating a life that you absolutely love.


Cost – £1555 includes accommodation, daily yoga and meditation, first and last day meals and a group RTT session. (Max 12 people)

2023 booking closed – 2024 dates coming soon

Take a journey with likeminded souls to reconnect and find clarity in all areas of your life!

Experience a 7-day retreat to help you unlock the potential you have to create a meaningful, joyful and abundant life. Through a range of practices such as hypnotherapy, yoga, meditation, reflection, intuitive exploration and breath work, you will connect with your heart centre and release the limiting beliefs and programmes created in childhood. You will leave the retreat feeling empowered, happy, motivated and excited for your future with sustainable tools, techniques and practices to continue back home!

Join this life-changing retreat and begin your journey back to self-love.

This is a 7 day retreat in Bali, starting at 4pm on the first day and ending 1pm on the last day.


Clarity is the focus of this retreat. You will gain a better understanding of yourself and your desired future. Through powerful activities such as RTT, yoga, meditation, breath work, and connecting to your creative self, you will be able to gain a greater connection to your heart centre and new-found insight on your present and future. This will enable you to leave the retreat feeling empowered, happy, worthwhile, and excited for the future.

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Change is about understanding our past, connecting with our hearts, and digging into our minds to unlock our potential. Through attending this retreat, you will explore different techniques to get in touch with this inner potential and discover the tools, practices, and confidence to make empowered decisions in life and create a positive vision of the future. With the support of a community and the guidance of experienced professionals, you will journey to a place of self-love and personal fulfilment.

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Celebrate on this 7-day retreat that will take you on a journey back to self-love. During this life-changing event, you will be guided and equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to help you gain clarity in all areas of your life. Through the use of RTT, yoga, meditation, reflection, breathwork, intuition, and tapping into your creativity, you will end the retreat feeling empowered, happy, worthwhile, motivated and excited for your future. With all the techniques provided, you can have the opportunity to dive deep within and become the person you have always dreamed to be. This retreat is the perfect opportunity for you to find your authentic self and reconnect with what you truly love.

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Create a life you love on this empowering 7-day retreat that will take you on a journey back to self love, guiding you towards clarity and connection in all areas of your life. During this immersive and life-changing retreat, you will learn how to tap into your heart centre, create the life you want and understand your limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Connecting to your creative self and using proven techniques such as RTT, yoga, meditation, breath work and intuition exercises, you’ll leave feeling empowered, motivated and inspired for your future. You’ll gain the knowledge, skills and tools to carry your new-found confidence and clarity into your daily life.

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Jenine Hirst

A Note from Jenine…


Come join me on this special experience in beautiful Bali, specially designed for people who know there is more to life and themselves and want to claim it. A unique opportunity to step away from your busy life and reconnect with yourself, ‘Create a Life You Love’ is the perfect way to learn how to prioritise your own wellbeing and put yourself first.

Through our interactive activities and authentic conversations, you will discover how to break through your self-imposed boundaries and create a life you love. So, don’t hesitate – join us at ‘Create a Life You Love’ this year in Bali to give your passion and purpose a chance to soar.


Jenine Hirst

I am honoured this year to be working with:

Kerryn, fellow RTT practitioner, soul sister and quite frankly one of the kindest nurturing souls I’ve ever met.

Wayan, yogi extraordinaire. A gentle soul, full of passion for all he offers. He’s extremely talented and his authentic Balinese treatments are like no other!

Jenine Hirst

Individual RTT sessions and private treatments are available at an additional cost – please discuss these when booking. Limited Availability.

Payment Plans are available for this retreat.