Glow Within Detox Retreat

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Glow Within Transformational Retreat

NOW FULLY BOOKED: Date 15th March 2024 – Spring Time! The perfect time to renew and recharge after winter!

Next Retreat Date 20th September 2024

Cost £2,222

Early Bird Price £1,922
Deposit on booking – £222
Instalment Plans available.


This is for you if you want to reclaim your health!!!

Kickstart your wellness journey and create a vibrant, balanced life by joining us on this retreat.

As within, so without Hermes Trismegistus

We will introduce you to the power of cleansing your body from the inside out.   As your body, soul and mind is nourished and loved from the inside, you will see how this radiates on the outside.

You will leave feeling rejuvenated and renewed, feeling lighter and full of energy.

At Glow Within 7 day retreats we use the Rainbow Cleanse which is like a juice detox on steroids.  It uses 3 year old fermented enzymes which are pre-digested so your body goes and remains in a state of autophagy whilst these enzymes go directly into the bloodstream and go to work.

During the 7 days you will not only unleash your body’s natural potential but also embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Fasting is nature’s healer. It is a way to heal the body and soul from within, leading to a potential “rebirth” or rejuvenation.

It is a powerful tool to support lasting change, not just for your physical body but also for the way it touches your emotional, mental and spiritual being; allowing complete healing.

This will activate your inner vitality, boosting energy levels, enhancing your digestive system, and promoting a healthy immune system. You will feel the radiance from within as you tap into a new and deeper level of wellness, awareness and intuition.

During the retreat you will immerse yourself in a variety of holistic activities from daily yoga, transformational hypnotherapy and meditation sessions to rejuvenating healing treatments, wellness talks and nature walks.  Every moment is designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Our 7 day retreat offers you the time and space to fully immerse with professional, compassionate, nutritional support and a variety of holistic measures to enhance your experience and create ease and flow.

Glow Within is a retreat like no other.   On retreat you will:

  • Connect with a Supportive Community
  • you will be surrounded by a small group of like-minded individuals on a similar wellness journey.
  • develop meaningful lasting connections, share stories, and uplift one another as you embark on this transformative experience together.
  • Our community becomes your support system, inspiring and motivating you to achieve your wellness goals.
  • Be supported to take stock of your life; where you are now and the direction you want to go. You will be supported and held to heal past trauma and resolve emotional challenges in a safe and loving space.
  • Be supported to regain your connection to self and enjoyment for life and all its possibilities.
  • Renew your sense of well -being and energy levels.
  • You will gain a deep understanding of your relationship with food and be able to change habits that aren’t supporting you.


Jenine and Pauline are intuitive healers and coaches who have supported and empowered many to create a life they love.

They work closely with you, beautifully combining their expertise and experience to ensure that you are open and receive the full benefit and wonders of this retreat.

Cost £2122 however book before Christmas for £1822

Deposit on booking – £222

Instalment Plans available.



🌟 Pre-Retreat Hypnotherapy – to support you to prepare and elevate your mind to finding the cleanse easy and effortless as well as get the most benefit possible for your mind, body and soul.

🌟Pre-Retreat Assessment

🌟Professional Functional Nutritional and Naturopathic Support

🌟Daily Yoga


🌟Energy Healing Sessions

🌟Post Retreat Follow Up 

🌟Post Retreat Hypnotherapy recording to ensure you continue nourishing your mind, body and soul back in your everyday life.

Book now: or 07437 015616 or 07989 304369